Ideas don't propagate by themselves

Please use the following links to help spread spiritual awareness. We are all moving toward the same destination but as we consciously or subconsciously choose different paths, our lessons may vary. We are each students and teachers and those we encounter along the way are meant to evoke or mirror attributes and qualities in which we lack perfection.

Be kind to yourself and others. Remember who you are and that we are all sunbeams emanating from the universal source. Let that little light inside of you shine and make an effort to see its reflection in others.

Spirit sharing while we all search for insights we've forgotten is a part of life on this planet. We are all just temporary residents, so don't waste your space because millions of other souls are waiting to take your place.

Don't be afraid. You are not alone. See ya at the end of the line! Good luck and may the universal Energy Source shine through all of us brightly each day.

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Glimpse the meaning of real love!




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